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Give life your best shot with vitamin IV drips.

Individually curated to your exact needs by a medical doctor.

Palm Tree Leaves


Feel cool calm & collected with our unique vitamin blend.



Nourish your skin with GLUTATHIONE

for a natural glow.

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Boost your body's immune system with our vitamin blend.



Infuse your body with energy and vitality to go harder longer.

Choose from a range of popular infusions

Feeling stressed? Tired? Want to calm down or be more focussed? Need recovery
after workouts, marathons or playing competitive sport? Or are you just interested in
leading a healthy lifestyle where you can give life your best shot?

A personalised Vitamin infusion can help you feel better, overcome stress, tiredness or anxiety, and assist your body to recover from 
strenuous sport, activity or just overdoing the good life.

IV Infusion Booking

1 hour

Click "Book Now" below to book in for your IV Drip.


On arrival you can discuss your needs with our registered nurse and
choose your preferred Vitamin IV infusion.

About Us

At Vitamins by IV we specialise in delivering IV infusions of vitamin blends, personally formulated to your exact individual needs by a medical doctor.


An IV drip ensures full vitamin utilisation direct into your bloodstream. No need for your body to “digest” the vitamins. All drips are delivered by a fully trained nurse under strict medical conditions in a relaxed salon environment.


After your personal consultation during which your vitamins will be prescribed for you, there is nothing for you to do, but sit back, relax for around 30-45 minutes and take it all in.

Interested in a group booking?

If you have more than three people who would like to receive vitamin infusions, we'd love to have you.


Whether for a family, sports team, practice or corporate wellness initiative, bringing your group to us is the ideal way to give your group its best shot. Simply fill out the contact form below and we will get your party scheduled in for your infusions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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